Beautiful Mississippi Garden Weddings - Tony & Ashley

I was lucky enough to assist the wonderful Chantel Lynn Photography shoot the very first wedding at the new Leopold’s Mississippi Gardens last fall. Let me tell you- this venue is incredible and such an asset to the Minneapolis wedding scene!

Just north of Minneapolis, it’s set on a lush hill overlooking the Mississippi River. Ashley and Tony chose to get married on a beautiful fall day with the ceremony on the riverbank right in front of the water surrounded by enormous trees. It was perfect!

The venue also offers a deck overlooking the river for ceremonies as well that Ashley and Tony utilized as a hangout for their guests during the reception.

Ashley and Tony were wonderful to work with. Their son was about a year and a half old at their wedding and he was precious. Ashley and Tony are clearly head-over-heels for him. After Ashley saw him all dressed up in his suspenders and bow tie for the first time, I overheard her saying, “I can't even be around Dom right now! I just want to squeeze him and hug him.”

He was the ring bearer and Ashley proudly and eagerly watched him walk down the aisle with the hugest smile on her face. 

During the reception, Ashley and Tony showed a cute video explaining their how they met, fell in love and got engaged. Ashley is really into hockey so Tony rented out the Excel Center under the guise of bringing her on a tour. They were skating around on the ice (Tony struggling to keep up, as they pointed out) when Tony got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

There were also some hilarious truths that came out in the video like Ashley’s awesome dad wandering around his house in his underwear when they showed up to announce their engagement as well as this amazing confession from Ashley. “Marriage is built on the foundation of honesty. So I have to tell you that it wasn't your co-workers who are responsible for the dent in the back of your car. It was me.” All of the guests were in fits of laughter! It was a great personal addition to their reception!

I’m so grateful I got to be a part of their day. If you’re looking for gorgeous, nature-infused venue in the Twin Cities, definitely check out Mississippi Gardens

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