Are two wedding photographers necessary?

June 1, 2016

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It’s your wedding day and it only happens once. There will be so much going on simultaneously, and it’s going to go fast even though you made sure to schedule a little down time in your day.

 I include 2 shooters with every collection because it helps the day go so much smoother and tells a more complete story. With two shooters, you’ll have two sets of eyes capturing the action that you might not actually get to see on your wedding day.

Your second shooter can hang out at cocktail hour to capture the joy and laughter of your loved ones that you might miss while you and your groom are outside with your primary shooter capturing romantic portraits.

I always bring a backup camera and gear, but crazy stuff does happen. With two photographers and two sets of equipment you’re doubly insured you’ll still get the photos you want if a battery dies or a camera breaks.

 While most brides are thrilled to have their family at their wedding, no bride looks forward to family portraits. It’s best to get these shots done as efficiently as possible so no one gets antsy and everyone can get back to the party faster!

One shooter can focus on taking the photos, while the other shooter helps make sure Uncle Bob and Grandma are posed well. They can also make sure all the guys have their jackets buttoned the same and their pockets are clear of cell phones and wallets while the main photographer focuses on the bigger picture. Your family photos will be much more efficient and look nicer this way.

These two photos were taken at the same time. I was shooting the wedding party while my second shooter was able to capture this cute moment with the ring bearer.

It’s also very helpful to have two shooters when you and your groom are getting ready, especially if not in the same location. One shooter can be focusing on the guys getting dressed and goofing around while the other captures you getting into your dress.

Do you want a photo of you as you walk down the aisle and your groom’s face as he sees his gorgeous bride walking towards him? Or photos of both of your reactions during the first look? You’ll need 2 shooters for that!

While it’s beneficial for most couples to have 2 shooters, it’s not for everyone. We’ll evaluate your specific situation when we meet for a consultation and decide if it is right for you. All of my traditional collections come with a second shooter, but I also offer intimate wedding and elopement collections as well that don’t have second shooters. It’s never a bad idea to have 2 shooters, but if your wedding has 50 guests or less and is all in one place, it may not be necessary.

 Here are a couple questions to ask yourself to see if having two shooters are right for you-

1.       How big is our wedding? If it is going to be a small wedding with 50 guests or less, you might not need two shooters.

2.       Is everything going to happen at one place? If not, 2 shooters will definitely come in handy!

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"The day went by so fast and we now understand how valuable wedding photos are. The photos managed to perfectly capture the fun energy of our big day." 

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