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June 29, 2016

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They wove their way through the tall grass towards the golden sunlight holding hands while pausing occasionally to pose for the camera and give each other a kiss.

The engagement photos they got back were gorgeous. Perfectly composed and exposed. Their outfits were perfectly fashionable. They were photos that could easily grace the front page of a magazine.

However, there was no telling between their engagement photos and everyone else’s. There was nothing that said anything about their relationship, personality or unique love story. The photos showed that they are an attractive couple in love, but nothing more specific.

 In 30 years when they are showing their engagement photos to their kids, they won’t know much about their parents love story before they got married based on their engagement photos. They won’t know how they enjoyed spending their time, how he proposed, or what their favorite date night spot was. The photos will show what their parents looked like and their attraction toward each other.

What if your engagement photos were more like a story, telling of your adventures? What if they captured you candidly as you really are? That’s the essence of an adventure session which are replacing my traditional engagement sessions. 

You and your fiancé choose something you like doing together in a place that is significant to you and I follow along and catch the moments. Authentically.

We’ll still get some traditional portraits along the way, but they will be natural and showcase your best because you’ll be having fun doing something you love with your favorite person by your side.

A lot of photographers say that the more awkward the pose feels, the better the photo will look. I say that if you are doing something you enjoy and you’re comfortable with the person taking the photos, you’re best and most natural self will shine through in the pictures.

Adventure sessions are included in all of my wedding collections because they’re vital to the process. They’ll help you and your fiancé get comfortable in front of the camera and with working with me so the photos aren’t something you’ll be nervous for on your wedding day. You’ll already have practiced, and you’ll know what to expect. Plus, you’ll have some great images to document this unique time in your life. 

I’ll help you figure out the perfect setting and activity for your adventure session but here are a couple ideas to get you started.  

Return to the place where he proposed…

Camping, hiking or kayaking

A picnic at your favorite park with your favorite beers in hand

Replicating your first date

Bonus points for customized shirts with your wedding date!

Doing your favorite summertime activity…

On your motorcycle that you love riding together…

In the winter because you love snowball fights…

With your favorite pup…

In front of the new house you just bought together…

At the college where you met and fell in love…

In your military uniform…

At the farm where you’re getting married…

My husband Tony and I did our engagement photos around our neighborhood. We did some around our fire pit in the backyard, some in front of our house with our dog Kyle and some at our favorite coffee shop in town. They capture our everyday life in Waconia and that’s what we love about them!

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"The day went by so fast and we now understand how valuable wedding photos are. The photos managed to perfectly capture the fun energy of our big day." 

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