Minnesota Barn Wedding Venue- The Outpost

August 25, 2016

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The Outpost is an awesome new venue in Chaska that Tony and I discovered when we were searching for wedding venues. This year is the first year they’ve been open for weddings. If you are looking for a rustic, barn style wedding that’s close to the Cities, this is a great option.

It’s one of the few venues you can bring in your own catering and alcohol as long as it is beer and wine and you hire one of their preferred bartenders. Everything is onsite and you can get ready, have the ceremony and reception all in the same place which alleviates a ton of stress and travel time on your day. All of the money earned from weddings goes to using The Outpost as a place for ministries to use during the week.

Christine is the event coordinator at The Outpost and you can read more info about the venue from her below.

How and when did The Outpost start?

The Outpost began in 2015 as a non-denominational Christian Ministry Center. We are run by a Board of Directors and host Ministry events Monday-Thursday and are able to host weddings Friday-Sunday. It’s through the weddings on the weekends that we are able to be offered for Ministry during the week. It’s truly been a blessing to see how the Lord has orchestrated the gifts and talents of the Board members to be unified in a vision of making the Lord known! Our mission is to be a place where the Spirit of the Lord anoints all who enter to truthfully proclaim and share restoration and freedom in Christ! Through the power of the Holy Spirit we will feed, teach, train, equip and disciple as God Leads. (Luke 4:18, Isaiah 61:1-3)

What is your vision for the venue and how have you seen it come to life so far?

We envision that The Outpost will be a place where all people experience a foretaste of heaven on earth! That our love for God and others will be so palpable that everyone who experiences it will be drawn into their own personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ! (Matthew 6:10, 5:16, 1 Peter 2:12) We truly believe we are preparing the Bride of Christ both literally and figuratively with our weddings and ministry events!

What do you want couples and their guests to experience when they have their wedding at The Outpost?

I want them to experience a full day of preparing and enjoying the “best day” of their lives in a beautiful space that offers comfort, beauty, rustic elegance and unmatched scenery! I want them to make themselves at home from the moment I greet them in the morning with hugs until the wedding couple send off and then final hugs goodbye to the family handling tear down and clean up. It’s a magical day and I want them to feel like family when they leave knowing they were cared for and served well!

What aspect of The Outpost excites you the most?

Honestly its the hope and promise of young love and fresh new beginnings. With all the turmoil in the world the JOY that is present in these couples from our 1st tour to being immersed in their “best day” is truly a gift! One of my favorite things is to pray for each couple individually at the end of our facility tour, often times it’s the 1st time someone has prayed for them – with them as a couple. It’s the best!

In what way have couples come up with creative uses for the space that you haven’t expected?

I describe my life as “Pinterest Live!” The couple’s have such creative ideas for decorations and they are all unique to each couples personality. We’ve had couples bring in sets of doors for the ceremony aisle, fun potted plants, stringing lights over the dance floor and on the head table back drop. Placement of the buffet, bar, gift tables, dessert tables is all unique per couple, we work up a individual layout ahead of time.

What are some practical things couples need know about having their wedding at The Outpost?

If you want photos out in the field, woods or pond areas then bring proper footwear! 🙂 It’s basically a farm day rental and we offer an on-site manager and chair movers; it’s truly the couples hand crafted day complete with the vendors that THEY choose.

How many guests can be accommodated?

300, but a truly ideal number is right around 250 or less.

What is included in the rental price and what is needed to book?

Included is the property rental from 9am-11pm on a Friday or Saturday, 9am-10pm on a Sunday. Tables, white garden chairs, wooden spool tables on casters to utilize for social hour, yard games and firewood for our fire pit. Brides are ecstatic about our huge Bridal Ready Lounge in our loft space and the Groom and groomsmen have their own room decorated with masculine leather furniture and rustic touches. There is also a kitchen to be used by the family as they get ready throughout the day then for their licensed caterer to utilize once they are onsite.

What advantages are there to having a wedding at The Outpost compared to other venues in the area?

Our property! Guests stay and spread out outside sitting and visiting in our Adirondack conversation groupings, by the fire pit, playing lawn games, taking family photos among the many great rustic backdrops or walk our paved paths around the wildflowers. We have plenty of options to enjoy the outside or to be inside dancing the night away to the music. Plus the fact that we are YEAR-ROUND complete with A/C and heat so if you want a farm/barn wedding you are not limited to time of year, winter weddings here are spectacular too!

What is some feedback you have gotten from couples and guests so far?

They love the property! Here is the perfect YEAR-ROUND farm/barn venue in the western suburbs where people feel like they are out in the country but don’t have to drive for hours. People relax and soak up the beautiful scenery and enjoy our slice of heaven on earth! They appreciate the time and attention we offer to make their wedding day special, unique and a day to remember forever! The photographers have said we offer a “photographers playground” with so many options on our 27 acre property!

If you’re interested in hosting your wedding at The Outpost, contact Christine at 952.334.6375 or Christine@TheOutpostCenter.com. 

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