Minnesota barn wedding | Mitch & Becca

September 29, 2016

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The clouds hung over the house threatening rain but in no way could dampen Becca’s spirit as she got ready to marry her best friend. As one of the bridesmaids worked on perfecting Becca’s thick, red curls , the adorable flower girl Brooklyn ran around charming everyone by repeatedly yelling, “Hi!” multiple times at everyone she saw.

As the bridesmaids asked Becca questions about how she wanted things to go, Becca just shrugged and said, “I don’t care!” She focused on the big picture and didn’t let the details get to her. Even when an important part of the bridal outfit was left behind and she didn’t have time to get it, she shrugged and decided to wear what she had on.

Mitch and Becca’s friends graciously hosted their western themed wedding at their farm. The corn fields, vibrant red barn, giant oak tree and sprawling green grass provided a very fitting setting for Mitch and Becca to get married.

Becca was a bit nervous about the boys getting to the farm on time, but as soon as she saw that Mitch was there, she sighed happily with relief. Her groom had arrived, she was all laced up in her gorgeous dress and the rain was holding off! There was nothing left to do but nervously attempt to contain her excitement for the moment she and Mitch anticipated most- the first look!

Mitch got situated on one side of the barn and Becca’s dad waited on the other side of the barn with his back to the house. Friends and family waited anxiously nearby trying to sneak a peek at the magic about to happen.

Becca confidently started on the path towards her dad in her white flowing dress trailing behind her, the light dancing off the beading. Equipped in her cowgirl boots, delicate veil and red lips stretched tight in a smile surrounded by her faithful bridesmaids and personal attendant. As Becca arrived right behind her dad, Gill carefully placed Becca’s dress around her and stepped away.  Becca tapped her dad’s shoulder. He turned around and…

Now it was time for the big reveal. Mitch was waiting just around the corner to see his beautiful bride he waited his whole life for. His partner in crime. His best friend. The person who can put a smile on his face quicker than anyone else.

I told Becca to take her time, enjoy the moment with Mitch and soak it all in. She nervously nodded, smiled and made her way around the barn. Mitch fidgeted and shifted his weight from side to side while shooing away eager onlookers. Becca slowly approached behind him. She paused. She was only a couple feet from him as she gently called his name. Mitch turned around and…

The beautiful thing about a first look is the privacy (mostly…hahaha)

Mitch and Becca got to take their time, wipe the tears out of each other’s eyes, hug, kiss and enjoy being together on their one and only wedding day. From that point on, their nerves were gone and they joyfully spent the time leading up to the ceremony together hanging out with family, giving each other their gifts, and taking romantic portraits. They still were nervously excited about their walk down the aisle, but they weren’t nearly as nervous as they’d have been without doing the first look.

You generally know what to expect at the end of a wedding ceremony. The officiant pronounces the couple husband and wife, they kiss and walk back up the aisle with giddy smiles on their faces. However, this was Mitch and Becca’s wedding.

The officiant pronounced them husband and wife, they kissed and then BANG! With precision timing, their friends who set up the barn shot dozens and dozens of fireworks into the air. Mitch and Becca and their guests were clearly surprised by this unique finale their friends dreamed up. Just when everyone thought it was done, it would keep going. This happened several times making everyone laugh!

The reception at Willie McCoys in Champlin was a perfect visual representation of Mitch and Becca’s personalities. The room had vintage wood paneling with fall leaves strung up around the room. The centerpieces were Jack Daniels bottles with floral arrangements set on wooden bases Becca put together herself. The guests had go ring an old fashioned bell to get the couple kiss instead of clinking glasses.

It was a setting that provided an amazing backdrop for Mitch and Becca to dance the night away with their family and friends. Becca didn’t leave the dance floor all night and I kept hearing her exclaim, “This is so much fun!” And every time I looked at Mitch, he was radiant with the biggest smile on his face.

When people continued to ring the bell to get them to kiss long after dinner, Mitch and Becca would run eagerly across the room to find each other and share a passionate kiss- grateful for any excuse to kiss each other on the day they committed to spend forever together. I’m so happy for you both, Mitch & Becca! Thanks for letting me tell the story of your incredible wedding day!

·            DJ- Rowdy Cowboy show

·            Dress- A specialty House

·            Florist- DIY Becca

·            Cake- Mona Sample

·            Invitations- DIY Becca

·            Catering- Willie McCoys

·            Ceremony Venue- Wade and Autumn’s Farm

·            Reception Venue- Willie McCoys in Champlin

·            Second shooting help- Christine Henne of JoyNoelle Photography

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