Lake Maria State Park Adventure Session | Nick & Logan

June 21, 2018

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“It was one of those moments when the world totally stopped. Like straight out of a movie.”

It had been a hard day when Logan wandered into Hayes Brewing in Buffalo. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her high school sweetheart sitting at a table. They hadn’t spoken in 5 years. He was the person she didn’t even realize she wanted to talk to the most.

When she walked into Hayes and saw him sitting there, she sent him a texted saying, “I wondered when I’d run into you again!” She watched as he looked stunned reading the text He looked stunned when he turned around and noticed her standing there.

They started talking and spent the whole night catching up. They had dated on and off for two years in high school and went to prom together. They broke up when Logan left for college at Gustavus. They were both upset about it but didn’t think the long distance could work. “He was always the one who got away for me,” Logan said.

They stayed in touch for a while throughout college but then lost touch and hadn’t spoken for 5 years. They had a lot to catch up that night at Hayes. Neither of them expected much to come out of their random encounter but they kept in touch and talked periodically.

Slowly but surely, they realized they still had feelings for each other and started dating. It’s been about two years now, and they lived in Buffalo with their beautiful Brittany Spaniel named Piper. Nick proposed to Logan at their favorite campsite at Lake Maria State Park which is why they chose that location for their Adventure Session.

They are currently renovating a cabin near their house where they’re planning an intimate wedding on the lake in August. They’re only inviting their immediate family and grandparents for a simple and thoughtful ceremony, good food, drinks and lawn games. Those kinds of weddings are my favorite and I can’t wait to capture it!

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