Hiking Engagement Photos | Glacier National Park with Tony & Becca

July 19, 2018

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The wet, shivering masses of people crowded into the cramped gift shop, trying to find warmer clothing to buy and waiting out the storm so they could get back to the trails.

3,000 feet below us was the spot where Tony proposed to Becca and she happily said yes to spending the rest of her life adventuring and exploring with Tony.

Up until that point in the day, my husband Tony and I had spent the day driving up the infamous Going-to-the-Sun road in Glacier National Park with our friends Tony and Becca for their adventure session. Becca and I have been friends since high school and both ended up with guys named Tony 🙂

The drive up the mountains was filled with views of the lush, green mountain valleys and crystal clear water running down the jagged rocks and splashing onto the road. We also encountered a couple huge snow piles.

When we left Tony and Becca’s house and drove 45 minutes to get to the park, we got ready naively assuming it would also be the same 60 degree weather at Glacier. We dressed in long sleeved shirts, pants and hiking boots and took off for our adventure.

We picked a hike that started at 6,000 feet elevation based on a recommendation from Becca’s coworker and new husband (see their wedding photos here!) that we were all really excited about. The weather stayed pretty consistent at around 60 degrees throughout the park as we made pit stops for photos on our way up the mountain.

When we made it to Logan’s Pass though, a storm and a cold front rapidly moved in and the temp dropped to 40 degrees. We shivered as we walked into the gift shop to kill time and made our way through the crowds so I could buy a jacket and hopefully warm up.

The sleet and cold made the hike we planned on a little more adventurous than we were up for so we continued driving down the other side of the mountain in search of better weather, disappointed that the original plan of a picnic at the top of the mountain wasn’t going to work out.

The skies cleared as we kept driving down the mountain when we noticed a pretty spot along the side of the road and decided to stop and take a quick photo. Becca was determined to find a good spot for their adventure session so she took off down the path towards the lake.

We hiked towards the water and came across one of the most gorgeous views of St. Mary Lake! It was the perfect spot for photos and we just stumbled upon it.

Sometimes our plans don’t work out, but if we’re open to spontaneous adventures with our favorite people, things might just work out better than what we had in mind!

Becca and Tony love brunch (who doesn’t?!) and they have a super cute and delicious cafe right down the street from their house. There isn’t much for stores or restaurants in their tiny town of Somers so it’s awesome that the places there are good! We did some photos on the picturesque patio of Somers Bay Cafe as we enjoyed their mini donuts and caramel rolls. So good!

On our last day in Montana, it finally stopped raining and Tony was able to get us a boat to take out on Flathead Lake. He works as a salesman at Captain’s Marine in Kalispell and he frequently gets to test drive the boats. I think I know what my next job is going to be… 😉

I’ve grown up boating on the river but boating on a huge lake surrounded by mountains was a totally new experience and the highlight of our awesome trip to Montana.


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