Minnesota Winter Wedding | Jordan & Rachel

December 4, 2018

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The song changed and 200 people simultaneously stood up, turning around to look at her. Heart pounding, she took a looked down at the tattoo on her wrist that said, “just breathe” as she inhaled deeply and linked arms with her dad. Her personal attendant fluffed the layers of her dress as her dad whispered jokingly in her ear, “The door’s right there if you changed your mind!”
But her mind was made up and had been for awhile. She met Jordan at a summer fair 6 years ago and never looked back. As the music swelled to the crescendo, she caught Jordan’s eye at the end of the aisle and all of her nerves melted away as she stepped towards her future with him.
After they were pronounced husband and wife, Jordan and Rachel joyfully danced up the aisle. Outside of the sanctuary, Rachel wrapped her arms around Jordan in a huge hug and snuggled in close to her new husband. Smiling at the wedding party as they walked out of the church, she exclaimed, “I’m a Mullenbach!!!”
In all of the excitement following the ceremony, it took everyone a couple minutes to look outside and notice the intensely falling snow. In the days leading up to the wedding, everyone was talking about the big blizzard that was supposed to hit on Saturday and we were wondering how it would impact the day or if the forecasts would prove to be accurate. We did the first look and wedding party photos outside. It was freezing and windy so we made it quick, but there wasn’t any sign of snow.Rachel had her “snow queen” cape and Jordan to help keep her warm.
There were no windows in the sanctuary so nobody realized a blizzard had started outside while Rachel and Jordan were saying their vows. As I opened my car door to head to the bar to meet the wedding party, piles of snow heaped onto the driver’s seat. We snuck outside for a couple minutes at the bar for some “just married” photos during the time that we had sunset photos on the timeline. Ha! Most couples get sunset shots but not very many couples get blizzard shots so I am glad that they will have these to remind them of their unique wedding day.
Rachel definitely had nerves while getting ready the morning of her wedding. Let’s be real. Most people do! But after she had emotional first looks with her dad, Jordan and their son Garrett, all of the nerves melted away. She happily bounced around, watching the layers of her beloved dress move with her as she laughed with her wedding party and family.



With cozy Christmas trees filled with bright lights and hot chocolate favors, the celebration for Rachel and Jordan kept everyone laughing and cozy while the blizzard slowed its’ pace outside.


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"The day went by so fast and we now understand how valuable wedding photos are. The photos managed to perfectly capture the fun energy of our big day." 

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