MN Landscape Arboretum Wedding

February 12, 2019

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The music started up and Carla started down the tree-lined trail as everyone turned to look at her. When she made it to the end of the path, her grandparents were waiting for her there and stood up to embrace her. They were all smiles and happy tears!

Carla stood between them linking arms, took a deep breath and started down the aisle towards Dan and their adventure in marriage. Their friend Kate officiated the ceremony and filled it with a lot of personal stories and anecdotes.

Their unique, personal vows gave such a beautiful glimpse into their relationship. “I promise to laugh with you more than I laugh at you… Most of the time. I promise to not watch any Netflix shows were watching together without you.”
When they were pronounced husband and wife, they danced down the aisle. When they were walking away on the path they exclaimed to each other, “Oh my gosh this was the best wedding ever!”

Their ring bearer Logan came up to them and they enthusiastically congratulated him on how awesome he did during the ceremony.

When we pulled them from the reception for their sunset photos and said that we were just in time for a rainbow, they bounced happily out of their seats and ran outside, hardly believing their luck that something so amazing would happen on their wedding day.

Dan and Carla’s passion and enthusiasm for each other and their guests was contagious. I spent the whole day laughing along with them and crying happy tears when Carla’s grandparents walked her down the aisle. Old couples get me every time 🙂

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"The day went by so fast and we now understand how valuable wedding photos are. The photos managed to perfectly capture the fun energy of our big day." 

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