Landscape Arboretum Wedding | Karl & Wren

May 15, 2019

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Surrounded by freshly blooming trees and heaps of colorful tulips, Karl and Wren took a deep breath finally relaxed. They leaned into each other, talking softly as they watched the sun dip below the horizon on a day they will never forget.

They had the popular paths typically packed with crowds at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum to themselves, allowing them time for an intimate walk to soak in all the goodness of their wedding.
A couple days before the wedding, Wren told me about her history at the arboretum: taking trips there with her family as a kid, getting her senior photos taken there, dates with Karl, sitting and admiring the wrens (her namesake) flying in and out of the trees.
She called it her happy place, and she was so excited to get to spend time there on her wedding day. When we started our walk around the gardens, any nerves she had earlier in the day were gone in an instant. She was with her new husband in her favorite place.
What place or thing makes your heart happy and makes you feel content?
Find that thing and incorporate it into your wedding. For me, being on the water makes me happier than anything. So Tony and I got married by the river and took a boat ride immediately after our ceremony.
If spending time in the woods makes you feel at home, find a woodsy venue (I know some great ones!) If your favorite thing to do with your friends is to laugh around a bonfire, there are a lot of venues that have that as an option for your reception.
Your wedding day is going to be SUPER awesome, wonderful and magical. But it’s also going to be a little strange. In a good way, of course. It’s not a normal thing to be the center of attention, get dressed up in a fancy gown and have a ceremony.
The more you can make the day more YOU? That’s golden.
And you’re going to be way more comfortable, relaxed and less stressed on your day. When Tony and I were on the boat, that’s the only part of our wedding that I felt super relaxed and like myself. Karl and Wren chose to spend their reception walking around their favorite gardens and hanging out with their loved ones, and that was the perfect way for them to end their day.
Scroll down to see about the unique, artistic details they had like their custom designed rings, the favors everyone was super excited about (that’s rare!), the sculpture made by Karl’s dad who passed away last year and a unique bouquet that I have never seen anything like in my 5 years of shooting weddings… 🙂
And I know you’re wondering… yes, that’s Wren’s real hair- no extensions!

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