Stay at home date ideas

April 17, 2020

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Have a picnic

Now that it’s getting nice outside, this is easier to do. Your backyard is always a good option and many parks are still open. Just make sure to do all of the social distance things if you venture out.  But even if it’s not nice out, throw down a blanket in your living room, play some good music, light a candle and have an indoor picnic. If you have marshmallows on hand, you can even make indoor s’mores over your stove or in the microwave. Not the same as a fire roasted mallow but it does the trick!


Watch the sunset/sunrise

Grab a beer and cozy up to watch the prettiness. Or get adventurous and stargaze on a clear night! There are lots of free apps like SkyView lite that show you what you’re seeing and point out constellations and planets.

Have a throwback night

Put on a shirt from junior high or high school, and look through old photos together! It’ll spark some fun convos and you can share some stories that your partner hasn’t heard before. Throw on some of your favorite music from back in the day and dance around.

I just came across this gem while looking through old pics. Unfortunately, I’m not the awesome redhead who is unabashedly picking her nose but we got a laugh out of it 🙂


Relive your childhood

Kids seem like they have more fun in life, right? Build a blanket fort together, have a coloring contest, play charades or hide and seek. Or order some nerf guns from Amazon and challenge each other to a battle! If you have pets, involve them. We love playing hide and seek with our dog! It gives us a laugh because he’s pretty bad at it.

Write a story together

Take turns each writing a sentence at a time and keep going until you have a full story. There are tons of prompts online for story starters if you need some help at first!


Sleep under the stars

Set up a tent or air mattress in your backyard and camp out for the night- a bonfire, cozy flannel and beers are a must of course 🙂 Even if you don’t have a yard, you can still get creative. I love this fort that my brother and his girlfriend Meagan made on their apartment balcony in downtown Dallas. They brought their air mattress out on their balcony and decorated it!




Hang in there, my friend. Better days ahead! I am right there with you going stir crazy. If you’ve done some of these or you have other ideas, comment below!





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