Rainy wedding at Scenic Escape Barn

August 5, 2020

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“Chaos is the only true thing we know about life, and it’s completely unpredictable. But having you by my side makes me sleep easier at night (even when you’re snoring) and not just easier, you make this journey more fun. With you hand in hand I feel as though we can take on anything the crazy world has to throw at us.”


Ryan wrote these vows to Nikki prior to their wedding- but it turns out these words rang especially true on their wedding day. Any couple getting married in 2020 knows that planning anything in the middle of a pandemic is difficult and stressful. Life has never been so unpredictable.

But add in some wild weather for an outdoor wedding, and the day can really be unpredictable.

Nikki and Ryan laughed through all of the twists and turns of the day, excited to celebrate with their loved ones. Their go-with-the-flow attitude led the way for the rest of their guests to enjoy the day. It made for such an incredible, memorable day full to the brim with joy and love.

During the early afternoon for the first look and photos, it was muggy and hot and the sky alternated consistently between gorgeous blue and little rain showers. With buffer time built in, we were able to take breaks from the photos when it started raining and then get back to it.

The rain held off for most of the day so we opted for an outdoor ceremony. About halfway through the ceremony though, the skies opened up without warning and dumped buckets of torrential rain on the wedding.

At first, everyone looked around not sure of what to do, but then the guests and wedding party embraced it and encouraged Nikki and Ryan to keep going on with the ceremony.

Tony (my awesome husband and second shooter) sprinted to our car and grabbed all of the umbrellas we had thrown in earlier that morning. The venue owners and wedding coordinator grabbed all of the umbrellas they could find too, and we handed out as many as we could. Lots of guests came prepared and pulled out their own umbrellas. It had been so humid all day that the rain actually felt refreshing.

Instead of getting stressed or panicking at this turn of events, Nikki and Ryan kept laughing, taking in every beautiful moment and allowing their guests to embrace the joy and love they felt too. Since the bride and groom were having fun with this turn of events, it gave everyone else permission to enjoy it as well.

The officiant Paul is a friend of Nikki and Ryan’s and did an amazing job keeping things going even as everyone got poured on while still making the ceremony personal, meaningful and fun.

Nikki and Ryan aren’t the most traditional couple and didn’t want to do something typical during their ceremony like a unity candle or sand ceremony. Ryan suggested offhandedly that they do a flamethrower ceremony.

This is one of the many reasons why they are such an awesome couple- most people would write off an idea like that, decide it wouldn’t work and settle for something boring.

Instead, Ryan and Nikki compromised and came up with this…

They burned their motto onto a piece of wood that can hang as a decoration in their home, and they had their guests sign the back of it at the reception.

Another reason Nikki and Ryan are awesome is for even having a motto in the first place. It shows how much intention and thought is present in their relationship.

They are proud parents to two pups, Oliver and Piper, and one day while making a nice dinner, they found some dog hair on the food. They said there will always be a little dirt and dog hair in life, but that’s ok. Life is all about how you handle the chaos. I’m confident that this couple will rock any situation that comes their way in life.

And just like that, as soon as they were pronounced husband and wife and had their first kiss, the rain stopped and the sky cleared 🙂

Advice for couples planning a wedding- take a lesson from Nikki and Ryan and make your wedding your own. Make it reflect your unique relationship. Don’t do something just because you feel like you should if it doesn’t mean anything to you.

Wake up that morning ready for anything to happen and for your plans to go out the window. No wedding day is perfect despite what the industry tells you, but if you have a good attitude, you can have an AMAZING day no matter what happens.

Having a good wedding coordinator and awesome venue doesn’t hurt either 🙂  Shout out to Blush and Bubbly Events and the team at Scenic Escape Barn for calmly working behind the scenes and going above and beyond making sure Nikki and Ryan could just enjoy the day and not stress about the details. I’ve never worked at a venue where the owners run around handing out umbrellas to guests during a rainy ceremony like at Scenic Escape.


Venue- Scenic Escape Barn 

Wedding Coordinator- Emily with Blush & Bubbly Events

Photography- Lumos Images

Florals – www.bouqs.com and assembled by the bride and wedding party 🙂

Invites- Minted

Catering- Chef Craig

Groom Attire- The Black Tux

Bride’s Attire- Blush Bridal 

Desserts- The Buttercream Bakehouse






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