Authentic photos to grow your audience, spread your message and make an impact

Show your ideal clients who you are,
not just what you do

More than ever, people crave a connection with the brands they invest in

The bad news- we're all pros at tuning out ads

The good news - we connect with stories and people 


Did you know...

You have 8 seconds to get someone's attention before they click on something else

Photos on Facebook get 53% more likes than the average text post

Personal brand photography

is more than boring headshots, more than product images

It's lifestyle images that tell the complete story of your brand: who you are and what you stand for

So that your audience knows, likes and trusts you

And ultimately INVESTS in your product and services

When you work with Lumos Images, you'll never worry about lacking content to post
or finding photos for your website!

Taking cell phone photos to have enough content for your website and social media is exhausting.
It's a struggle to make everything look professional and consistent with your brand.

What if you could get that time back?

Lumos Images learns your brand inside and out, including your goals and who you are trying to reach.

Then we take photos 4 times a year that tell your brand's story and connect with your audience.

You'll always have fresh, consistent content to post throughout the year with minimal effort and time. 

You'll save time and be able to focus on the big picture of your business!

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Patricia & Ryan

We couldn't have asked for a better experience!

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Emily & Stephen

It was a wonderful experience from beginning to end.


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Spots are limited so we can build a relationship, and I can get to know your brand inside and out.
This way, I'll create the best photos possible that really connect with your audience!
We'll shoot 4 sessions a year so you always have fresh content to post.

There are only 12 spots for recurring personal brand photography. 

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