Frequently Asked Questions

- We are so grateful you have trusted us to document your incredible wedding day. It is a responsibility that we take very seriously. 

- We are here for you. There is always a lot of stress that comes with planning a wedding, but even more so now with the world being in such a weird place. You are doing an amazing job. No matter what questions or concerns you have, please don't hesitate to reach out. That is what we are here for. 

-As of now, we are still planning on shooting all of our 2020 weddings, as long as the government is allowing photographers to work, and we can't wait to celebrate with you. 

-It's ok to be upset that the current events might be affecting your wedding. Your wedding is a big deal, and getting all of the plans is place is tricky even in the best of times.  

First and foremost...

With that being said, here are answers to some questions that you might be thinking about...

We're thinking about possibly rescheduling. What does that mean for photography?

Let me know right away if this is a consideration. I'll send you access to my availability calendar for your reference. If your new date is one when I am available, we will simply transfer your contract and retainer fee (and any other money that has been paid so far) to the new date. I will block the new date off on the calendar and it will be reserved for only you! I'll send you an update to your contract for you to sign that states your new date. Your original contract will still be intact.

If for some reason I am not available on the new date, I will do everything in my power to find a suitable photographer(s) to take my place. I have a couple associate photographers who I work with regularly.

These photographers have years of experience of shooting weddings, have similar shooting styles to mine and are extremely professional. These are people I would trust to shoot my own wedding. If none of them are not available, I would help you find a new photographer in which case you would be relieved of your contract with Lumos Images. 
*on contract under change of date or venue 

Will we be charged a fee for rescheduling our date?

Your contract states that if you change your date within 6 months of the wedding, and I am not able to book a new couple on your original date, you will be charged $400. That $400 fee would be waived in this case. Everyone is in the same boat right now and I want to make sure there is not any additional stress or burden for you!

However, if your rescheduled date is in 2021, you will be asked to pay a new retainer fee to save your new date. This retainer, like the initial one you paid will be non-refundable and will be applied to the total price of your package. The remaining balance after the two retainers have been paid will be due two weeks before your new wedding date.

For weddings rescheduled to 2020 dates, no new retainer fee will need to be paid. The balance will be due two weeks prior to your new wedding date.
*on contract under change of date or venue

If we pick a new date in 2021, will our package price go up?

What if we end up having a small ceremony on our original date and a bigger reception later?Can you photograph both?

We're over trying to deal with planning and want to change routes entirely- get married and not worry about the planning, stress and details.

What if we end up cancelling all together?

Absolutely not! I have raised prices for 2021, but you will be locked in to your current package price. No need to worry about that! You will just have to pay a new retainer fee to hold your new date but that will go towards the total package price. 

A cancellation contract would first need to be signed stating that no additional services will be performed. After that, any fees you paid besides the retainer fee or fees for services already completed (ie. an adventure session or products already ordered) would be refunded. The retainer fee you paid however is non-refundable regardless of the situation. 

The amount you paid for your retainer fee can be used towards other photo services though. You could apply that amount towards a couple's shoot, elopement or courthouse photography, family portraits or headshots. It just has to be within one year. Let me know what you're interested in and we can work something out. Depending on the type of new photos you choose, there might be additional payments required beyond your retainer payment. 

Parley Lake Winery in Waconia is a beautiful spot to get married and is offering one-stop shop micro weddings for up to 10 guests currently and 30 eventually.

In the package, you would still get Lumos Images as your photographer and your retainer you paid me could be applied to this new plan. You would also get flowers, musician, officiant, coordinator, live streaming, wine and desserts. These can be booked and put together last minute and are easily reschedulable if needed. Get more info here. I have photos from the location if you want to get a feel for it. Just ask :)

Possibly :) I would love to but let's make sure to chat about the details. Obviously I am already planning on shooting on your original date and then it is a matter of making sure I am available on your reception date and that you have enough coverage in your package for both events.

Every package and wedding is unique so let's talk about the details. We can always adjust your package if necessary. Both events should definitely be documented beautifully!

What if you get sick and can't shoot our wedding?

I would do everything in my power to find a super awesome photographer(s) to step in and capture all of the fun moments of your day. In the very unlikely chance that I would not be able to find someone, all of the money paid, minus any expenses incurred thus far, would be refunded and the contract would be cancelled. 
*on contract under force majeure 

What other questions or concerns do you have? I am working and available to help with whatever I can. Please don't hesitate to reach out!